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Post by Brian O'Neill on Jan. 13, 2013 at 8:42 pm with 6 Comments »
January 13, 2013 8:42 pm

Since 2013 started (was it only two weeks ago?), it seems I’ve already managed to anger the hordes. Turns out that where guns are involved, there is no room for a calm, much less civil, debate. Add to that marijuana. And presidential politics.

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2012 was a difficult year. What with the election, the economy and all the insane violence, it’s no wonder we’re all on edge. So, before we start the new year off on the wrong foot, let’s talk about something else.

What topic? I’m open to suggestions, though I did put together a quick list. Think of these as news small talk, snippets for quick digestion (or regurgitation). Each one is a combination of good and bad information, just in case you’re still in a cranky mood and can’t cope with a glass half full.

If you see a topic you like, or have one you would like to see explored in Blue Byline, feel free to add your comment.

1. The news that professional basketball might return to Seattle with the purchase of the Sacramento Kings is an even split. Good: If it happens, it will be a major step towards bringing a National Hockey League franchise to our area. Bad: I’d rather watch ice melt than an NBA game (okay, maybe that’s just me).

2. Though early retirements and last ditch efforts saved many firefighters’ jobs, TFD was still forced to close the Proctor and Tideflats stations. Let’s hope the only fallout is a longer drive for crews hungry for the Metropolitan Market’s soup  and not a large orange mushroom cloud drifting over the Port of Tacoma.

3. By averting the fiscal cliff, our poker-faced politicians all managed to turn lemons into, well, rotten lemons by kicking the can into February’s debt ceiling debate. Guess there’s really no good news on that one…still, it’s better than living in Syria.

4. The Seahawks may have lost a heartbreaker to end their playoff run, but their season was filled with so many exciting comebacks that even half-hearted fans might want to make an appointment with their cardiologist.

5. Hollywood is back to making great movies, such as Les MisLincoln, and Life of Pi. Unfortunately, most moviegoers spent their ten bucks on Texas Chainsaw 3D last weekend.

6-10. Note: this is where columnists not afflicted with writer’s block would round out the list with five more anecdotes (and these would be shockingly funny!). Sigh.

There’s a few things to chew on for now, at least. Meanwhile, here’s hoping 2013 is a better, more prosperous and more peaceful year for us all.

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  1. Let’s go back to guns leaving out the conspiracy theorists on one side and the complete confiscation promoters on the other.

  2. 1. It was an act of massive stupidity for the sonics to have left seattle. As a matter of record, I’m with you Brian, I can’t stand the NBA, or basketball in general. But sports teams have a major impact on the culture of a city. They provide thousands of jobs, and a major economic boost, on top of civic pride and national awareness, tourism, etc. Even if you don’t like the sport, you have to be an idiot to think otherwise (hint, see the seattle city council).

    2. There is only a small handful of things a city/state/federal government is charged with providing to the community. Fire fighting and law enforcement, clean drinking water and sewage disposal are all for the safety and wellfare of the citizens that reside in the community. Everything else is a luxury. To have local city officials cut into those essential services while funding other non essential programs should be seen as borderline criminal. Not that local citizens will do anything about it. They will re-elect these morons on strict party lines.

    3. And most voters will continue to re-elect these morons on strict party lines.

    4. As a lifelong seahawks fan, I’m pretty depressed.

    5. And hollywood continues to glorify violence while crying about gun control and those evil assault weapons. I like a good Bruce Willis movie as much as anyone else, but the hypocrisy is what’s the issue here.

    6. I kind of thought the most important problem our country was facing was the continuing unemployment rates and terrible job growth, not debating whether a gun magazine should have some arbitrary number of round capacity or not. At least Obama is making one segment of the economy boom with record sales.

  3. Was the bottle tax going to pay for firefighters? Will the basketball stadium be built high enough to avoid flooding based on the projected rise in sea level due to global warming? I have never watched a Bruce Willis movie, I am proud to say. The economy will come around no matter what the congress does as long as it is within reasonable limits. The economy could have recovered much faster if certain well proved policies had been followed. Guns deaths will only go up if we do not do something to limit their availability. That includes magazines and all semi-auto weapons.

  4. Publico, do you have any evidence that gun deaths go up if we don’t do something to limit their availability? According to FBI crime statistics, gun crime has been steadily decreasing for years, and current crime rates are on par with the 1960s. The only time we saw a raise in crime was in the late 80s, when drugs like crack sparked furious gang wars that continue to this day. Even after the assault weapons ban expired, crime rates continued to go down. In other words, the “blood in the streets” the left keeps warning all of us about just doesn’t seem to happen. The FBI reports that NICS checks are at record levels, yet crime is going down. Most gun deaths are due to suicide and gang related shootings. “Assault Weapons” account for less than 2% of all gun related deaths. There is NO evidence at all that more guns = more crime. Never has been. There is also zero evidence that less guns = less crime. In fact, after gun bans/controls in the UK and Australia, violent crime went UP.

  5. Here’s hoping that the Hawks showed us that they can be a real contender for next season. They pulled it out, but a little too late this year. I still wonder about that supposed timeout in the last seconds of the 4th Qtr that nobody seemed to call. Refs giving the game to the Falcons? No way to know for sure. Guess our energy would be best focused on being the team to beat next year, and I think we will be.

    As far as pending gun control, despite the hyperbole from some of the right and much of the left, Obama’s executive orders have done little at the moment to change the status of gun ownership in this country. Good….I think the message got across that America was watching, and any overstepping of his bounds in regards to EOs was going to be fought tooth and nail. Now it has to go through the House and Congress to pass any restrictive laws, and that looks to be a non-starter before they even try. Good. Banning magazines above 10 rds, banning “military looking” rifles, just won’t do anything to make people safer, and will anger every gun owner out there, which right now might not be the best of ideas given the anger swelling below the surface already. Luckily, looks like at the local level, some schools are already trying the armed security route to try to make our children safer…’s better than nothing, or worse, trying to ban a specific type of gun in the blind hope it will help (hint: It won’t.)

  6. wyecoyote says:

    NBA yawn I could care less. Seahawks it was rough to lose but at least it was close and a good comeback. Quite frankly looks good for the NFC West for a couple years as a real tough division.

    I suggest at least talk about something police related. For instance most likely don’t name drop if your pulled over. I haven’t been pulled over in a long time but I hear it from friends and family all the time that they pull someone over and the person says that their friends/relatives with officer so and so. Maybe a list of most common things people say/do to get out of a traffic stop. Something a little light hearted and funny about police work. Like I remeber years ago watching a chase of a stolen van on the east coast where the van was a dunkin dougnuts van being followed by 5 or 6 police cars with lights on. That was a but of jokes for some time.

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