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Archives: Jan. 2013


Meth is still out there, still lethal

I remember walking through knee-length grass, trying to avoid sharp metal objects scattered around the yard. As  I approached to knock on the door of the dilapidated trailer, I almost gagged on the noxious odor spewing out.

It was either the stench of a hundred cats urinating at the same time or else it was a meth lab. Of course it was a meth lab.

That was in a different era, the mid-90s when methamphetamine was the new “it” drug and Pierce County was the center of the meth universe. (Note: If you somehow missed it, I recommend picking up a

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Training the next drug cartel was a bad idea the first time…

As nations go, the United States is a player. From economic assistance to clandestine coup d’etats to outright warfare, we have a reputation for global intrigue. Sometimes our clever plans work out well.

And sometimes we are just too clever for our own good. For example:

1) Cuba: Our government’s failure to curb American companies, which exploited Cuba for decades, led to the Marxist revolution and anti-American sentiment. We followed this up with the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

2) Iran: The Islamic revolution which overthrew the Shah, a leader whom the U.S. helped install, was the beginning of the bitter

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Guess it really was about the bike, Lance

I was a cyclist long before I first heard the name, Lance Armstrong. Yet it was the buzz around this single-minded Texan that lured me, and thousands of others, into watching the Tour de France, the penultimate race of a sport most Americans thought of only as exercise.

As Armstrong’s trips to the podium miraculously continued, we reveled not only in his success but in the backstory: raised poor by a single mom; found a passion for cycling; diagnosed, treated and defeated aggressive cancer; began a legacy as Tour de France winner and celebrity philanthropist.

It was a story Lance

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And now for something completely different (or not)

Since 2013 started (was it only two weeks ago?), it seems I’ve already managed to anger the hordes. Turns out that where guns are involved, there is no room for a calm, much less civil, debate. Add to that marijuana. And presidential politics.

2012 was a difficult year. What with the election, the economy and all the insane violence, it’s no wonder we’re all on edge. So, before we start the new year off on the wrong foot, let’s talk about something else.

What topic? I’m open to suggestions, though I did put together a quick list. Think of these

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Five ideas for public safety in 2013

Now that most people have wandered back home after the holidays, it’s time to crank up the new year.

We mark this transition with appropriate hopes, resolutions and predictions. In keeping with tradition, I’ve put together a list of what I consider the top five public safety priorities this year. These are issues that contribute to the violence, theft and a rate of incarceration that has failed to diminish crime while it drains our wallets.

5 Public Safety Ideas for 2013 (in no particular order)

Gun buy-back: For all of the talking points tossed

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