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Archives: Nov. 2012


The tragic relativity of time

Three years is a long time.

Since 2009, I have watched my youngest teenager add a foot in height, seen our economy rise from the ashes and struggled to make sense of the politics behind our embittered national election.

Reading the paper this morning, I recalled another horrific milestone now three years in our rearview mirror. On November 29, in 2009, four Lakewood police officers were shot and killed in a Lakewood coffee shop.

We all know the brutally tragic story of Sergeant Mark Renninger and Officers Mark Richards, Tina Griswold and Ronald Owens. I remember hearing the news, the

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The ephemeral quality of leadership

Since I began writing this blog some 18 months ago, I have become a cover-to-cover news junkie. I look for stories that capture my attention, especially those which have a common thread. When I find such articles, ones with a tangible connection to an intriguing theme, it becomes a column.

Case in point are three unlikely recent samplings from the News Tribune: the latest on the Petraeus scandal; a “Dilbert” comic poking fun at managers; an article about a Gig Harbor police sergeant currently suing her department for harassment.

The nexus which connects these three disparate topics is leadership, a

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Could legalized marijuana increase cartel profits, violence?

In the realm of unintended consequences, irony rules supreme.

Take legalized marijuana for instance. It has generally been assumed that the profits from legalization, now a reality in Colorado as well as Washington, would come at the expense of the violent drug trafficking organizations operating in North and Central America. According to Mexican President Felipe Calderon, that may not be the case.

After a recent meeting with leaders from Honduras, Costa Rica and Belize, Calderon and representatives of President-Elect Enrique Pena Nieto spoke at length about the potential implications of legalized pot (Trib 11/12). To paraphrase the politico-speak,

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Legalized marijuana has arrived, but will it last?

“A solid majority” is how the Trib’s most recent article (11/7) described the passage of I-502. For recreational pot aficionados, Tuesday’s election results provided much cause for celebration.

While some might be tempted to mark the occasion by sharing a bong among friends, I would suggest reading the aforementioned article first. It clearly outlines some of the new guidelines stipulated by I-502, beginning with the date of the new law’s enactment: Dec 6, 2012.

Also included are: the legal limits for personal use- one ounce for people 21 and over; the DUI limitations, a complex restriction that

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Adoptive parent’s report: foster care in trouble

Have you ever come across someone whose poor judgment literally took your breath away? Who made you question the basic decency of people? Who made your blood boil?

Sure you have. There are plenty of individuals whose appallingly bad choices create ripples of misery across numerous lives. None suffer more from these dysfunctional idiots than their children.

I was reminded of that after reading a “Your Voice” article in the Trib (11/4), written by Jake Dekker, a single parent who adopted his now fourteen-year-old son, Danny, three years ago. Dekker wrote about that experience after reading

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