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Archives: April 2012


A time to shoot (and a time to hold your fire)

In the last week in Gig Harbor, Puyallup and Bonney Lake, three separate burglary attempts were disrupted by armed homeowners. Since each resident emerged without injury, you would think that here, at least, are excellent examples of the proper use of firearms.

You would be right, and you would be wrong.

All three incidents were daytime burglaries, the most common time frame for such crimes. All three were precipitated by using a ploy -homes were targeted when residents failed to respond to knocks on the front door. From this point the details diverge.

In Gig Harbor two burglars fled when the resident appeared

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Powell saga conclusion: everybody loses

There are lots of reasons to be happy these days. The economy is rumbling back to life, the lottery is kicking out millions to several lucky folks and Spring, finally, is in the air. I doubt any of that will help the mood of Buzz Nielsen, the police chief in West Valley City, Utah.

Nielsen’s department spent a great deal of time, energy and resources on the Susan Powell disappearance. Detectives conducted a painstaking crime scene investigation. They traced potential sites to find her body. Then they searched each location with shovels, dogs and determination. The intent of their efforts was to provide that

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Allowing Josh Powell to remain free a failure of the system?

On Friday, the court unsealed the evidence amassed during the investigation into Susan Powell’s disappearance. The information contained in the affidavit was overwhelming, especially for those of us who assumed that the investigators and prosecutors involved with the Utah case knew little more than the public.

For many people the decision not to take Josh Powell into custody for the murder of his wife, Susan, appears to have been a systemic failure. That’s understandable, especially in light of the information now available: Susan Powell’s cell phone inexplicably in her husband’s car; her blood on a couch which he had recently scrubbed;

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Turning off the Internet pimp engines

Last Thursday, with a flourish of her pen, Governor Gregoire finally confronted the malignant growth of sex trafficking. It’s about time.

Most notably, the Governor’s signature places culpability on the Internet companies that have been unwilling to eradicate the presence of human trafficking from their sites (Trib 3/29).

It has been at least three years since this crime has become a repititive topic of conversation at the regional gang meetings I attend. Since then I have been briefed on numerous prostitution investigations involving young girls, most of whom where under the age of 18,

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