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Post by Brian O'Neill on Nov. 28, 2011 at 6:58 am with 5 Comments »
November 28, 2011 6:58 am

After a quick scan of the paper over the last week there can be only one conclusion – we live in amazing times.

If you’re into extreme theoretical physics (or just a follower of “The Big Bang Theory”) then you would have been struck by news out of CERN, a world reknown physics lab in Switzerland. This uber geek think tank has taken on the arrogant and daunting challenge of disproving Einstein’s theory that the speed of light is our universal and absolute speed limit. After blasting their neutrinos from Geneva to Italy, physicists are almost ready to toss yet another theory of the eccentric Swiss watchmaker’s into the relative wastebasket.

Non-scientists will be left to wonder whether the quip, “Way to go, Einstein!” will now be less ironic.

World events also commanded our attention. The European economic domino game continued as Greece and Italy appear to be dragging Spain into their death spiral. As the largest collective financial market gasped for breath, markets around the world wondered if it will all come crashing down. Even France, the strongest partner to the Germany financial machine, seemed poised to take a nose dive.

Non-economists may wonder if it’s too late to dump the whole “freedom fries” idea.

Space, the final frontier, is also looking sketchy. A story in Sunday’s Vancouver Sun highlighted NASA’s proposed manned manned mission to an undisclosed asteroid in 2025. Since the article related that an extremely large asteroid, Apophis, is due in our solar zip code around 2036, clearly there is an element of planetary defense in the attempt. The article didn’t mention how much trust the federal government placed in scientists’ projections, however, in unrelated news the Department of Commerce projected that the federal government will be bankrupt in 2037 (kidding…hopefully).

Non-astrophysicists may wonder if Hollywood will use this real-life Armageddon to do a remake of “Space Cowboys,” and if so, will Sofia Vergara get the lead role.

The biggest news, however, was a Sunday report on a Saturday event. Under the glorious headline, “Washington’s Apple”, the Trib story dissected the amazing Dawgs victory over rival WSU in Saturday’s Apple Cup. Tp frame the victory in layman’s terms, UW’s offense surpassed light speed while the Cougs meltdown could best be described as Euro-trocious. Also, if NASA is so eager to develop practical methods for dodging asteroids, it could learn a lot by reverse-engineering this Husky space walk:

TNT photo by Joe Barrentine

Non-sports fans may wonder why this story is relevant to world affairs, and the answer is – it’s not.  But with a turbulent present and an uncertain future, a simple college football game can be amazing.

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  1. Objective says:

    In a couple previous articles, you wrote about how cops “don’t fight fare, they fight to win”, then of course the pepper spray deal in California. Being there has been a lot of mistrust in police activities. Would you care to comment on the story below?

  2. Brian O'Neill says:

    Objective- The UC Davis incident had nothing to do with fighting, it had to do with taking people into custody who were actively resisting. I’ve already talked that one out. The report you sited was one I have already read, though your source exagerated the facts as these were relayed to me. It appears to be a compelling and tragic story, and possibly worth discussing in a later column. Thanks for the input.

  3. smokey984 says:

    That freshmans leap over that defender was amazing and a sign of times to come for that future star.

  4. leehallfae says:

    Uber Geek Think Tank? Eh?


    Quantum Mechanics physicist

  5. Brian O'Neill says:

    I make that reference with both humor and respect, leehallfae. I was a pre-engineering student at UW for 2 years before cashing in my meager math skills for an English degree.

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