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Archives: Sep. 2011


Remembering our patriots on 9/11

I remember watching the breaking news, ten years ago today, as the first tower of the World Trade Center burned. Then the unbelievable site of a second plane hurtling into the second tower flashed across the screen. And finally, in an image that has been seared into the collective psyche of a nation–and a world–the twin towers fell.

Despite the enormous cost, ten years later we are rebuilding on Ground Zero. Another tower will rise in the ashes of the first, and the Manhattan skyline will again have a central figure.

And so a decade later, as the reality of this event continues its inexorable transition from news to history, we must focus on the irreplacable element we lost on that day and in the years following: our people.

Today is Patriot Day.

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Saggy pants, the trend that never ends

A bulletproof vest really keeps the heat in, especially when it’s stuck inside a uniform consisting of wool shirt and pants. Which is why, on an unseasonably hot Spring day, I was so ticked off when the young gang-banger I was about to arrest took off running.

I’ll admit that it’s tough to give up a decade (or three) in age in a sprint, especially when it might culminate in a wrestling match. But cops do have one advantage: The gang-banger’s uniform is worse than ours.

I refer to the sagging pants.

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It must have been a really, ahem, nasty fall

A reader sent me the below story, which I believe was printed in the Augusta (GA) Beacon on an unknown date. I wasn’t able to find it online, so I can not speak to its veracity. If it is true, then kudos to the USMC and the Augusta P.D. police spokesperson whose tongue-in-cheek response is priceless.  (Note: I posted a copy of the article from my Apple computer and it failed to transfer so have transcribed it here–where is Steve Jobs when you need him?)

Assailant suffers injuries from fall

Orville Smith, a store manager for Best Buy in Augusta, GA., told police he observed a male customer, later identified as Tyrone Jackson of Augusta, on surveillance cameras putting a laptop computer under his jacket. Read more »


Fast and Furious = Desperate and Political

About a year ago my partner at work got an urgent call from one of our informants. His gang, he said, was getting ready to do a drive-by shooting.

The informant was a young gang member who agreed to help us in order to work off a previous arrest. He was no stranger to this type of crime, and his gang had been rumored to be looking for an opportunity to retaliate against its rivals for whatever passed for transgressions in their world.

We took the call seriously, especially when he told us the other members were currently shopping for guns. We got set up quickly.

With the informant’s help we orchestrated the gun purchase to take place at a known illegal arms dealer’s house. We had surveillance teams in place for the entire duration, and fortunately it went well. The bad guys went to jail. The guns, two semi-auto pistols, went with us.

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