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Police separating fact from fiction in Powell disappearance

Post by Brian O'Neill on Aug. 29, 2011 at 10:11 am with 2 Comments »
August 31, 2011 9:36 pm

Somewhere, sitting on a beach with her lover and sipping a cocktail with an umbrella, is the long-lost Susan Cox Powell. That, at least, is a plausible scenario according to her husband, Joshua Powell and father-in-law, Steven Powell.

It’s an interesting story, one many of us would like to believe, but the police would like to know more. Unfortunately, the Powell men remain hidden behind their attorney’s skirt, venturing forth only to spread salacious stories through tabloid and network news.

The disappearance of Susan Cox Powell, now almost two years ago, has been an extremely disturbing incident. The media feeding frenzy, the scathing exchange between the Cox and Powell families, and the exhaustive investigation has certainly wrung out the emotions of anyone associated with this case.

Besides the disappearance of a seemingly bright and energetic young woman, mother and wife, the story has become infamous because of its descent into the realm of fantasy.

It started with the implausible alibi provided by Josh Powell. In the minute or two when he was willing to talk to investigators, Powell began weaving his fantastic tale, entitled “Midnight Snow Camping with Small Children.” If you were to wonder if the West Valley City P.D. bought into this fiction, then I would refer you to this Trib article (8/20) describing the police search through caves that, ironically, could have been reached by the Midnight Snow Camper within the time frame of his alleged alibi.

The second chapter in the fantasy was written by Steven Powell, under the title, “The Usual Father-in-law, Daughter-in-law Flirting and Sexual Touching.” This particular piece of innuendo, discussed in the 8/27 Trib article, might not shock a Jerry Springer audience, but it represents a reality so apart from rational thought that it is impossible to find a foothold to scale its slimy depths.

In contrast, the conclusion, “Susan Cox Powell Runs Off with a Lover”, is a surprisingly logical progression for such a twisted piece of fiction. After living among these two weirdos, the Midnight Snow Camper and the Flirtatious Father-in-law, who wouldn’t decide to run off with the first normal guy heading out of town.

To be fair, the world can be a very weird, illogical and surprising place. It is entirely possible that Josh and Steven Powell’s assertions have some merit.

But just in case they are wrong, I’m glad that the dedicated cops from West Valley City, who showed up en masse to process the Powell’s residence last week, are still sifting through the minutiae to find that one piece of evidence that helps them locate Susan Cox Powell.

And when they do, I doubt they will find her sipping cocktails on a beach.

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  1. I, too, am glad the police are investigating this disappearance in a serious manner. As you have pointed out in previous columns, what we read in the press can be wildly off target.

    However, I do think you show your own biases and frustrations with our legal advocacy system and the right of people not to incriminate themselves when you say that people of interest in the case are “hidden behind their attorney’s skirt.”

    I think that is a demeaning remark to our system as well as to the attorney. (Maybe she wears pants?)

  2. I have to disagree with tuddo as Josh Powell offers to talk to FBI and others if they pay his attorney’s fee knowing they can’t. They do hide behind the attorney veil because they do not want any attorney bills so they also do not use the attorney for anything. Steven Powell works to ruin his daughter-in-law’s reputation by suggesting she would give him a second glance. He is one sicko, for sure. Listen to his daughter . . . the one in Utah that calls her brother and father liars. She will tell you Susan moved to Utah to get away from creepy Steve. I worry for the boys. If Josh killed Susan or Josh and Steve killed and hid Susan’s body, what would one or both of them do if backed into a corner? Are the boys safe? I doubt they are. I pray that Susan’s body is located or there is enough on the CPUs to resolve the case. I believe in the end Josh Powell will be arrested and Steve Powell may very well become an accessory. Like father like son. I wonder what happened to Josh’s mother. Is she around to talk about her life with Steve Powell. I bet it was one of pain and misery. The man is crazy and malicous.

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