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Archives: July 2011


Any version of Casey Anthony’s story leaves Caylee as victim

The most salacious of recent homicide trials, and a true guilty pleasure for over a million Americans, has concluded with an acquittal for Casey Anthony.

But does that mean she didn’t kill her daughter? Of course not.

Nor does it mean that our criminal justice system, as some have already stated, is flawed. Our court system has had its ups and downs through the course of our ongoing experiment in democracy, but it is still a humane and professional method for adjudicating right and wrong.

What the acquittal in the Anthony case does mean is that the prosecution failed to connect all the dots–motive, weapon, method, physical evidence, and testimony– in order to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Anthony killed her 2 year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008. It is entirely plausible that proof beyond a reasonable doubt was simply beyond the means of this investigation, though the evidence did appear to be overwhelming…circumstantial, but overwhelming.

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July 4th has become – groan – fireworks season

Crack, thud, boom. Here we go again.

At the risk of sounding like the Grinch of Independence Day, I really hate fireworks. I hate the bottle rockets and roman candles, the smoke bombs and spinners, the fountains and the flares. Most of all, I hate the fuses which always seem to provide one second less than you need to make a clean getaway.

I’ll admit–it might be a hangup.

The street I grew up on was a war zone every Fourth of July. Sparklers were used for poking and proding people smaller than you, bottle rockets were typically pointed in horizontal directions, and smoke bombs were never lit until about one second before you stuffed them in your buddy’s pocket.

Then one year I accidentally set my sister’s hair on fire, and I have never enjoyed fireworks since. She got better, but now every July she makes sure to keep at least one state between us.

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