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Archives: April 2011


Tacoma’s bad rap is Seattle’s dirty secret

Why, Peter Callaghan muses in his column (4-7), can’t Tacoma ever be mentioned in a context other than crime?  Good question.

While a valid answer is likely beyond my grasp, there are a few contributing factors of which I am aware. First, Tacoma is ground zero for so many wayward felons–drug dealers, gang bangers, burglars, robbers and mentally unbalanced and violent individuals–that counting the number of halfway houses, or county and state release facilities would be a daunting task.

Second, and it couldn’t be this simple (could it?), the TV stations are in Seattle–the city to the north with such a stunted impression of T-town.

Tacoma and greater Pierce County have a problem with gangs. This includes the Hilltop Crips, arguably the most well-known gang in the state. That notoriety is due, in large part, to those aforementioned Seattle TV stations. But while Tacoma has been digging itself out of a red and blue-colored crime wave, Seattle has been anything but safe by comparison. Read more »


First dispatch

About a year ago I got an email from Kim Bradford, one of The News Tribune’s editorial page writers. I had done a couple of stints as a guest columnist and she was wondering would I be interested in writing a blog for the editorial pages.

Sure, I told her. But first a question: what’s a blog?

A year later I have written a number of blogs for the paper, some of which made the cut to the print edition. Most of these contributions arose from my experiences as a local police officer. Because I have spent most of the

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