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Top news stories of 2012

The News Tribune’s top news stories for 2012, as chosen by our readers and staff.

10. Privatization of liquor sales

June: Privatized liquor sales begin, with many buyers expressing sticker shock.

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9. Ivan the gorilla

August: Ivan the gorilla, who grew up on display at Lakewood’s B&I Shopping Center, dies at age 50 at Zoo Atlanta.

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8. LeMay car museum

June: After years of planning, the LeMay-America’s

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Countdown: 2011’s Top News Stories

The News Tribune’s top news stories for 2011, as chosen by our readers and staff.


BUSINESS: Nalley’s Closes

The closure of Nalley’s Fine Foods marked end of an era for Tacoma manufacturing. Founded in 1918 by immigrant Marcus Nalley, the operation employed as many as 700 at its height and produced everything from pickles to potato chips. In recent years, the Tacoma facility had changed hands multiple times and down-sized. Birds Eye Foods closed the plant in June, displacing about 160 workers. Read

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