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Tag: University of Washington Tacoma


Tacoma peace activist Fr. Bill Bichsel has donated an original Picasso drawing to the University of Washington, Tacoma

Picasso, "La Visage de la Paix." Courtesy image.

The University of Washington, Tacoma now has an original Picasso drawing hanging in its library, courtesy of Tacoma peace activist Fr. Bill “Bix” Bichsel. In a ceremony last Monday that honored Fr. Bichsel’s life and commitment to peace and justice, Picasso’s 1953 line drawing “La Visage de la Paix (The Face of Peace)” was offered by the Jesuit priest on behalf of the reconciliation group he led to Japan in 2009. But how that group got hold of the artwork, valued at $60,000, is a result of a peace connection stretching back to the artist himself.

“We’d gone to Japan in 2009 to express our sorrow for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” explained Fr. Bichsel, who’d organized the group of 18 mostly-Puget Sound travelers on what they called ‘The Journey of Repentance.’ “When we first got there we were met by the Japanese Peace Committee. There was a lot of gift exchanging, as is common in Japan. We just brought over simple things like dream-catchers and scarves. But they gave us this tremendous piece of art. We didn’t realize just what it was at first.”

What it was, in fact, was a Picasso original. Read more »


University of Washington Tacoma teams with Museum of Glass to offer new glass art class

The University of Washington Tacoma has teamed up with the Museum of Glass to offer a new glass art class, held at the museum. Giving a basic introduction to studio glass making methods within the context of glass as a visual art material, the class is a first for the university, being piloted this winter quarter.

This quarter’s course runs in tandem with the current Paul Stankard exhibit at the museum, and offers students access to the galleries as well as the Hot Shop. Read more »


The Tacoma Public Library’s Handforth Gallery shows 25 years of Puget Sound Sumi Artists

It must be something in the air or the water – the Puget Sound region sports a lot of passionate sumi-e painters. At the forefront is the Puget Sound Sumi Artists association, which has shown regularly at the Tacoma Public Library’s Handforth Gallery and is now celebrating its 25th anniversary with another large show there, as well as at the University of Washington Tacoma’s reference library and Mavi Contemporary gallery.

As always, the PSSA showcase a wide variety of sumi-e interpretations, from traditional Japanese and Zen to Chinese landscape and Western watercolor. Stretching around the back

Read more »