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Tag: Traver Gallery Tacoma


Cappy Thompson, Dick Weiss and Jeffry Mitchell paint myths, jokes, stories on clay at Traver Gallery Tacoma

Cappy Thompson, Dick Weiss, Jeffry Mitchell, "Tiger in the Rain." Courtesy image.

It’s a rare thing to walk into Tacoma’s glass-based Traver Gallery and see it filled with ceramics. It’s also rare to see it all filled with the same kind of art. But with “Yours, Ours and Mine,” the work might be on ceramic but it’s painted by artists who usually work with glass, and of course every single platter is very different, created by either Cappy Thompson, Dick Weiss or Jeffry Mitchell, or some combination of the three. It’s also a joy to look at.

Like kids playing together at play-dough, Thompson, Mitchell and Weiss delve into a realm where nature and myth meet. They paint peacocks with women’s eyes, tigers with tongues like Hindu gods, flowers with sweet faces and skulls puffing pipes. They’re overlaid on more subtle, dreamlike images of wafty clouds crying tears of paint, or robot armadillos, with every so often a big splodge of thick black paint to remind you not to take it all too seriously.

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