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Tag: trapeze


Indie rock trapeze: Tallhouse Arts Consortium and Romanteek collaborate at Olympia’s Capitol Theater

The Tallhouse Arts Consortium trapeze ensemble. Courtesy photo.

It’s pure Olympia onstage: a grungy, bass-heavy indie rock band with mournful female vocals next to a group of muscly dancers performing on an assortment of aerial hoops, ropes and bars. The collaboration this Saturday night of the Tallhouse Arts Consortium trapeze ensemble with live band Romanteek isn’t just a loud, starkly lit trapeze show: It’s an example of Olympia artists doing highly original things in cool venues.

It’s also the first full-length narrative show from Tallhouse, a group of Olympians who got together a few years ago after taking aerial classes in Seattle circus schools and began practicing in a refurbished barn. You may have seen them doing their high-bar stuff at the Brotherhood Lounge or the Illuminated Ball. Now they’re branching out into an evening show.

In the words of the press release: “Set in the shadows of a dense wood, a dark heart, a deep sea, the show winds through an otherworldy soundscape. Tallhouse and Romanteek entangle in the human experience of struggle and synchronicity, among a crowd, between two people, within a single self…it is music.” Read more »


Like trapeze? You’ll love OIympia’s Tallhouse Arts Consortium

I’ve always been fascinated by trapeze artists: How do they do that stuff? Aren’t they afraid? And how many crunches do you have to do to get those kind of abs? So when I got the chance to go down to West Olympia last week to interview four members of the Tallhouse Arts Consortium I jumped at it. (See Molly Gilmore’s recent story in The Olympian here.

If you’re a regular at the Brotherhood or Royal lounges in Oly, you may know these folk. They’re the only trapeze artists doing bar acts in Oly that I know of, and

Read more »