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Tag: Social Justice


“Social Injustice” at Tacoma Community College hits many issues with many artists

Ann Johnston-Schuster, "Shock and Awe." Image courtesy TCC gallery.

There’s “Social Injustice” at Tacoma Community College gallery – from the point of view of artists, that is. A new group show features 24 local artists in a big group show addressing social justice issues, and as you’d expect from such a big show, the effects are as diverse as the issues opened up, from racism to violence to poverty to war.

In the entry are a mixed bag of paintings. Karen Benveniste uses stark color fields and shadows in her neo-Cubist oils of cityscapes, contrasting corporate wealth with black poverty. They’re not subtle, but they’re striking, and portray tough survivors instead of victims. Alain Clerc is less successful with a New Age-y wash of blues, with a bright white supernatural figure in the middle. The fact that he’s moping over his own situation doesn’t help the triteness.

Alice di Certo, "Untitled" from "Skin and Flesh" series. Image courtesy TCC gallery.

Further inside, the gallery showcases some of the best of local work (though not always new.) The untitled photograph from Alice di Certo’s “Skin and Flesh” series is beautiful to see again, the black and white body parts melding and anonymously, sensually unidentifiable. If only there were more…although her “Voices” video, cropping interviews about racial discrimination to just a mouth, makes its meta-racial point well.

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