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Tag: Selinda Sheridan


Sculptural and serene sumi-e at Tacoma’s Flow gallery; Diane Hansen’s Venus glass next door at 301 Puyallup

Tacoma’s gallery scene is rapidly dwindling to one open only on third Thursdays; but there are two mini-galleries along Puyallup Avenue that are nevertheless visible from the street the rest of the time (and from inside too, if you make an appointment). Flow and 301 are just one door apart, and while this month’s offerings are quite different, they both offer serene sculpture in two very different media: sumi-e at Flow, and glass at 301.

At Flow, Selinda Sheridan pushes sumi-e to its three-dimensional limits and beyond. Always refined, ever inventive, her work is a delight to see: tiny cocoons

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At Sandpiper Gallery in Tacoma, sumi-e meets mixed media with beautiful results

Fumiko Kimura, "Trapped in Tea Bag…" Photo: Rosemary Ponnekanti

Walk into Sandpiper Gallery off busy North 30th Street, in Tacoma’s Old Town, and you’re struck by the serenity. Up right now is a show by three local sumi-e artists – Selinda Sheridan, Lois Yoshida and Fumiko Kimura – that takes sumi-e out of the brush and into the world of three dimensional texture and shape, but retaining its essential tranquility.

“Metamorphosis” is like sumi-plus. Traditionally, sumi-e consists of black charcoal ink sweeps over paper, occasionally with watercolors added. For the last few decades, though, American sumi artists have been pushing the genre, taking it into the abstract, the expressionist, the lush. With Yoshida, Sheridan and Kimura, though, it’s soaring into sculpture and collage.

Selinda Sheridan, "The Dove Returns." Photo: Rosemary Ponnekanti

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