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Tag: Gallery at TCC


Free Arts Month: Going Pop – or “Post Pop” – at the Gallery at Tacoma Community College

I finally made it! The Gallery at TCC is another college-based art gallery that’s free and often open when others aren’t, and today it was definitely open, showing the latest exhibit “Post Pop Art.” It’s a big exhibition with a multitude of artists (including community members like you and me), and not highly organized. But in a way, that’s fine with pop-based art – the whole thing is a jumble of vivid color and in-your-face aesthetics, which only underlines the anarchic pop-art idea.

Taking their cue from the bright colors and popular-object images of Warhol, followed by the flat, cartoonish

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Free Arts Month: Mavi and the gallery at Tacoma Community College

Well, some days things just don’t work out. Snow, deadlines and an injured kid meant that I didn’t get to visit two newish downtown galleries I’d been meaning to see: Mavi Contemporary, where Mavi and her daughter Elizabeth Ashe bring in artists like Christopher Mathie and Alexis St. John, and B2, which showcases nature photography (and also does framing.) I’m planning to check out Mavi’s new show next week, anyway – “ZOOM In Tacoma,” an offshoot of the current Tacoma-centric photography show at Tacoma Art Museum, and featuring 16 local artists capturing their view of our Town.

Instead, I tried

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