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Tag: Asia Pacific Cultural Center


Learn the Japanese art of making temari this Saturday at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center

Since it moved to its current location on South Tacoma Way, the Asia Pacific Cultural Center has been a terrific resource for Tacomans wanting to explore Asian arts, crafts and performances. The next offering is a workshop this Saturday learning to make Japanese temari from expert Kathleen Hewitt.

What’s a temari? It’s basically a ball, but made out of paper and fabric and hand-stitched in intricate, creative ways. The name means “handball” in Japanese, but temari can be any size from marble to baseball or bigger. Historically made from old kimono remnants, they became an art form when rubber took over as the material of choice for actual bouncing balls, and now they’re highly cherished gifts, symbolizing friendship.

Not everyone has the time to become a temari master, but Tacoman Kathleen Hewitt is one. A member of the Japan Temari Association in Tokyo, she’s passed both the introductory and advance levels, receiving her master certification in 2009. She’s co-authored a book on the subject and had her temari designs published.

And this weekend she’s passing her skills on to anyone who wants to come and learn. Read more »


Asia Pacific Cultural Center presents free screening of “Vincent Who?” at University of Washington, Tacoma

The Asia Pacific Cultural Center will be presenting a free screening of the film “Vincent Who?” at the University of Washington, Tacoma at 6 p.m. May 5. The new documentary looks at the 1982 hate crime of Vincent Chin in Detroit from the perspective of both key players and recent Asian-American activists.

The murder of Vincent Chin by two white autoworkers who claimed he and other Asian workers were taking their jobs – and the decision of the judge to sentence the murderers to a mere $3,000 fine and three years probation – was an event that

Read more »