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Archives: Aug. 2010


Mimi Allin goes to the beach at Tollefson Plaza, every afternoon this week, in “Seaside Opera”


If it seems hot enough downtown to spread out a beach towel on Tollefson Plaza, then go ahead – you’ll be in good company. Artist A.K. Mimi Allin is there every afternoon this week through Saturday with her own towel, plus lifeguard chair and flags, for her 10-minute performance art piece “Seaside Opera.”

Allin has set up a weirdly ambient atmosphere, flying in the face of this concrete desert. The chair-tower is blue and orange, flat blue fabric waves drape the ground, and behind her there’s a record of evocative Japanese flute music on an LP turntable. Littering

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Two new murals – very different – in Proctor and downtown



Tacoma has two brand new murals, and they’re about as different as you can get. One’s a quirky, bubbly heron at the Proctor shops, the other’s a groovy urban slash of graffiti-style lettering over a stained-glass-window effect on the back of the Rialto. But both achieve the same thing: making an ugly wall beautiful and discouraging other, less attractive, kinds of wall-painting.


The heron at Proctor is painted by Alexis St. John, and is actually the completion of her existing salmon mural on the west wall of Radio Shack (North 26th and Proctor Streets). St. John

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18th Northwest Native Art exhibit on now at State of the Arts in Olympia


In the wake of “In the Spirit,” the annual Native art festival and exhibit at the Washington State History Museum (the festival’s gone, but the show’s still up through Sept. 19), comes the 18th Northwest Native Art exhibit at State of the Arts gallery in downtown Olympia. The show this year features work by Lori Boess (ceremonial drums and feathered fans), Jennifer Wood (drums), Meleno Lovato and Ken Mayberry (carvings) and prints by various other artists.

As well, there’s a button blanket by artist Nancee Wood, who’s married to a Sammamish tribal member and has studied and

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Critic’s picks: Letterpress books at the Collins Library, chastity belts and art boudoir at Mineral, ArtWalk and award art at Kittredge

Make books at the Collins Library

Meet the artists and learn how to make tricky books, paper toys and paper party décor at the opening of a new books-and-letterpress exhibit at the University of Puget Sound’s Collins Memorial Library. The show features Purgatory Pie Press, a husband-and-wife team (Dikko Faust and Esther K. Smith) from New York who’ve shown at museums worldwide. Workshop 4-6 p.m. Aug. 13; exhibit runs daily through Oct. 1. Free. UPS, 1500 N. Warner St., Tacoma. 253-879-3669, http://www.pugetsound.edu/library.xml

Chastity Belts and Boudoirs on Puyallup Avenue

Art gets racy this month at the 301 Puyallup Ave. artspace.

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Free public tours begin next week at Seattle’s McCaw Hall


Ever wondered where opera singers get dressed? Where the orchestra unpacks? What the lighting desk looks like? All these secrets and more are revealed in the new free public tours of the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at the Seattle Center, beginning Aug. 17. McCaw Hall, built in 1928, renovated in 1962 for the World’s Fair and finally completed in 2003, is one of the premier arts venues in the country, hosting the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet in the 2,900-seat Brotman auditorium and Seattle International Film Festival events downstairs in the smaller Nesholm hall, plus numerous other events

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Winners announced for Proctor Arts Fest art show

Well, the Proctor Arts Fest carried on last Saturday despite the drizzle of a true Northwestern summer day. Congratulations to the winners of the juried art show that’s an annual part of the festival. They were:


Two Dimensional

First – Daphne Nixon for “Hard Boiled Lemon & Egg Squeezer”

Second – Bill Colby for “Forestation Vista”

Third – Susan Strohm for “Family Tree”

Honorable Mention – Karen Williams for “Division II”

Thee Dimensional

First – Cheryl Gunderson for “Love Birds”

Second – Brad Stave for “Left Handed Cabinet”

Third – Lavonne Hoivik for “Trying It”

Honorable Mention – Kirk Hauptman for

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Two new galleries for Tacoma: B2 Fine Art and Mavi, the reincarnation of Two Vaults


In the face of a recession that refuses to go away, two new galleries are opening up in downtown Tacoma, just two blocks away from each other.

Two Vaults Gallery, the gallery in the Merlino Building on 6th Avenue and South Fawcett Street, which recently closed, is to reopen under new management and with a new name. Paula Tutmarc Johnson, the previous owner, had closed the gallery in May due to recession-induced financial difficulties, and rather than see the gallery disappear two local women bought the business from her.

Mother and daughter team Mavi and Elizabeth Ashe, have been

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It’s not all interactive – City of Tacoma pulls erector-set art from Tollefson



If you’re passing by Tollefson Plaza and think something’s missing, you’re right. Among the scattered words, syllables and sculptures made by Tacoma citizens from the 4,000 giant colored letters dumped there on July 31 (an ongoing interactive art piece by James Sinding) was “Wave,” a giant royal-blue Erector set arranged into a cascade down Tollefson’s giant steps by artist Alexander Keyes. Both “Letters” and “Wave” were part of the Spaceworks summer art project. But “Wave” isn’t there any more – the sculpture had apparently been rearranged by someone who thought it was, like Sinding’s letters, also

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