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Tag: Margaret Anderson


National Park service official retires, request donations to Margaret Anderson Memorial Fund instead of gifts

UW graduate Rory Westberg is retiring from the National Park Service this month after 32 years. Westberg, deputy regional director for resources management and planning, is requesting that instead of retirement gifts people make donations to the Margaret Anderson Memorial Fund. Anderson, a Mount Rainier law enforcement ranger, was shot and killed while on duty on Jan. 1.

A statement released today by the National Park Service:

Rory Westberg, deputy regional director for resources management and planning, will retire on March 30th after almost 32 years with the National Park Service.

Rory began his federal career in with the Environmental

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Associated Ministries plans service for slain Rainier ranger Margaret Anderson

Associated Ministries will hold a short service in honor of slain ranger Margaret Anderson on March 3 at Mount Rainier National Park.

Anderson was shot near Paradise on Jan. 1 after setting up a road block to stop a motorist who ran snow tire checkpoint. The shooter fled and was found dead in Paradise River the next morning.

The service will be at 1 p.m. at the northeast side of the Paradise Visitor Center. Associated Ministries attempts to conduct “Moments of Blessings” at the sites of all homicides in Pierce County, said spokeswoman Sandy Windley.

“It is an interfaith service,”

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Husband of Margaret Anderson releases thank you; moment of blessing set for March 3

Eric Anderson, the husband of Mount Rainier National Park law enforcement ranger Margaret Anderson, who was shot and killed on New Year’s Day, today issued a thank you note.

The note, to all those who have supported and continue to support him and his family, was posted on a National Park Service website. The Andersons have two young daughters.

Anderson, also a law enforcement ranger at the park, said:

“On behalf of myself and my family I want to express my sincere appreciation for the love and support I received from the extended National Park Family after the tragic loss

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A painful, emotional month winds down at Mount Rainier National Park

Perhaps nobody will be more excited to turn the page on their calendar tonight than the staff at Mount Rainier National Park.

“I would say if there was one word to describe (how the staff is feeling) it would be ‘weary,’” said park volunteer and outreach manager Kevin Bacher. “I’ve heard so many people say, ‘I can’t wait for this winter to be over.’ ”

January has been one of the most tragic months in the 113-year history of the park, but it’s also had some incredible moments. But through the ups and downs it has been consistently emotional.


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Team organizing search for four missing on Rainier departs park

The National Park Service Incident Response Team organizing the search for four missing people on Mount Rainier has left the park, spokesman Kevin Bacher said this morning.

The incident command role has been turned over to Steve Winslow, a district ranger from Black Canyon National Park.

The search for two climbers and two campers more than 10 days overdue has been greatly scaled back. The park visitors were trapped in severe storm conditions on the mountain. It is so far unclear if searchers are taking advantage of good weather today to search.

Mark Vucich, 37, of San Diego and Michelle

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NPS will review Rainier ranger Margaret Anderson’s death, search for ways to avoid repeat of tragedy

Mount Rainier National Park officials will take an in depth look at the incidents surrounding the killing of ranger Margaret Anderson in hopes of preventing similar situation, park superintendent Randy King said.

“There will be some kind of review,” King said. “It is a necessary part of these things so that you learn. We will look at this in detail and see if there were things that could have been done to prevent it.”

Anderson was shot on New Year’s Day by a man she had stopped after he ran through a winter tire checkpoint in the park. The shooter,

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Margaret Anderson Memorial: From PLU

Updates from the memorial service for slain Rainier ranger Margaret Anderson today at Pacific Lutheran University.

1:10 – Service is starting. Please follow further updates at

1:08 – The family is in a back room preparing for the service.

1:07 – Auditorium is packed. Service begins at any minute.

1:05 – Other displays include pictures of Anderson with her husband, Eric, and two daughters, 3 and 1 years old. A long ranger hat is also displayed on stage.

12:55 – Display next to picture of Anderson has an old snowshoe, boots, backpack and a first aid bag. A second

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Margaret Anderson memorial: Public mourns


Earlier I wrote about how the weather always seems to reflect the mood of the day. Well, I can’t imagine a better end to the ceremony than to walk out of the church and see Mount Rainier glistening in bright sunshine. The mountain looked just stunning.


Anna Shuck made the trip from Port Orchard to Rainer View Christian Church to show support for Anderson, her family and coworkers. She was accompanied by her 4-year-old daughter Alyssa.

“There’s not much we can do but show our support by being here,” Shuck said in explaining why

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