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Tag: Columbia River chinook


A good opening weekend for Columbia summer chinook fishery

State fish biologist Joe Hymer reported this morning that during the opening weekend (Saturday and Sunday), anglers on the lower Columbia River made 9,700 trips and caught 1,559 adult summer chinook (938 kept and 621 released). Those anglers also caught and kept 820 sockeye and 372 steelhead and released 156 sockeye and 110 steelhead. The best catches were downstream of Longview, Hymer said.

Prior to an update in the run size, the allowable harvest allocation is 3,800 fish for the recreational sport fishery below Bonneville Dam. The impact limit on the Columbia River return of Endangered Species Act-listed sockeye is

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Forecast for summer chinook run on Columbia River looks good

Here are some updates on Columbia River fish stocks, released Wednesday by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Upper Columbia summer chinook

The 2012 forecast of 91,200 adults to the Columbia River mouth is 113 percent of the 2011 return of 80,600 adults, and would represent the highest return since at least 1980.

Based on the 2012 forecast, daily counts at Bonneville Dam are expected to average about 2,900 chinook per day from Saturday-June 30 and then steadily decrease to 500 fish per day by the end of July. Passage is typically 50 percent complete by June 28.


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Chinook fishing in lower Columbia opens Friday

The state is opening the Columbia River downstream of the Lewis River for chinook retention. The opening runs from Friday through Dec. 31.

The opening covers the mainstem of the Columbia from the Buoy 10 line upstream to a line from the Warrior Rock Lighthouse, through Red Buoy No. 4, to the orange marker atop the dolphin on the Washington shore.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife said lower river chinook stocks have moved out of the mainstem and there are harvestable numbers of upriver fall chinook available for harvest based on the current run-size projection.


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States opt to close Buoy 10 chinook fishery

The Buoy 10 chinook fishery will close tonight as scheduled, even though anglers have caught only about half as many fish as expected.

Fishery managers from Washington and Oregon decided against extending the season because the portion of the catch from lower-river stocks has actually exceeded preseason estimates.

Both states had hoped to extend the chinook fishery at the mouth of the Columbia River through Labor Day, but doing so may have reduced the number of fish available for harvest farther upriver, Bill Tweit, Columbia River policy leader for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, said in a news

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