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Category: Biggest Winner


BIGGEST WINNER: Adam Ulrich of Auburn drops 93 pounds, wins invite to run Ragnar Relay with “Biggest Loser” alums


Microsoft test manager, Auburn
Age: 46 Height: 5-foot-9
Start weight: 278
Current weight: 185

Ulrich’s weight got out of control thanks to constant work travel and a daily commute to Redmond that left him no time to focus on exercise and eating right.

But on a business trip to China he was struck by a culture that was much fitter than that in the United States and decided to make a change.

He started working out and eating better then joined the 20/20 Lifestyles program at the Bellevue Pro Club. With the help of trainers,

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BIGGEST WINNER: Done vs. Finished, the benefits of working with a trainer

Apparently there is a difference between done and finished.

Busting my way through a couple of intense 10-minute circuits that included pushups, kettlebell swings, curls, box hops, squats among other exercises, Innovative Fitness owner/trainer Jesse Ewell offered this little bit of encourage: “Come on. One more round and you are done.”

When I finished that round I was toast and glad the day was done. Then Ewell asked, “Ready for the finisher?”

What? Not sure if he was joking, I replied with a weak “sure.” After a quick break he put me through a 90-second circuit that included

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BIGGEST WINNER: Breaking even in Vegas

I’m happy to report that I broke even in Las Vegas this weekend.

Not financially, of course. I lost money. But after three days I weighed in this morning at the same weight as when I left.

I’m still on pace to reach my goal of dropping 10 pounds in eight weeks.

A nice gym at the hotel, made it easy to get in a daily workout and I did stay within my 2,000-calorie-per-day diet plan on two of the days. Of course this meant saying “no thanks” constantly to the free drinks that were flowing in the sports

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So I talked to dietitian Lisa Lovejoy this week about an obstacle we all face in as we endeavor to lose weight – road trips.

I’m taking a little vacation and leaving for Las Vegas tonight to watch the NCAA Tournament with some buddies. I don’t drink or gamble, but I am vulnerable to Vegas’  less publicized vices – food.

I’m with 4 pounds of reaching my goal of dropping 10 pounds and I have 2.5 weeks to go.  It’s likely that how I handle this trip could be the difference between success and failure. Or, at least, that’s what

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BIGGEST WINNER: Cindy Yeates of Olympia drops 40 pounds in gym competition, now she’s doing it again

Business owner, Olympia
Age: 55 Height: 5-foot-8
Start weight: 195
Current weight: 173
Yeates finished second in a 2008 “I Lost it at the Gym” contest at Tumwater’s Valley Athletic Club, but she led her team to victory. She lost 40 pounds in six months, however tragedy struck soon after when her husband died. Her grandchildren were then diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and, she said, “it was just stress after stress … and I gained it all back.”
So Yeates entered the contest again in January armed with the confidence

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BIGGEST WINNER: New Series kicks off in Sunday’s Fitness Column

This morning we launched a new series within the Fitness column. Over the next five weeks we will be looking at weight loss competitions, the benefits of working within a program and with fitness professionals when you are trying to lose weight and reach other fitness goals.

So, I figured the best way to research this would be to take part in one. So on Jan. 31, I showed up at Innovative Fitness in Fircrest to workout with owner Jesse Ewell and trainer Chuck Carone.

I checked in at 6 feet tall, 179.8 pounds and my body fat was

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