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Category: Pictures of the Week


Pic of the week: Seen while hunting

I spent last weekend in eastern Washington deer hunting. On a very sunny and warm Sunday, I came acoss this butterfly.

I wasn’t sure if it was following me, or I was following it.

But when it landed on the trunk of a Ponderosa pine tree, I took a few photos.

Jeffrey P. Mayor

A Red Admiral suns itself on the rough bark of a Ponderosa pine tree.

In looking at a couple of guides, I think it is Red Admiral butterfly. If anyone thinks otherwise, I’m open to

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Pictures of the Week: Hiking near Mowich

The road to Mount Rainier National Park’s Mowich Lake closes Monday. We’ll have a story Sunday with three suggestions for one last hiking hurrah this season.

Here are some pictures from a 7.5-mile hike I took at Mowich Lake on Oct. 10.

Mowich Lake.

Expect winter trail conditions if you hike at Mowich Lake this weekend.

The view from Ipsut Pass.

Eunice Lake.

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Picture of the Week: Rainier over Eunice

While Jeff is at Paradise today, I was working on a different story near Mowich Lake. (It was due this morning. Don’t tell my editor.)

I hiked up to the Tolmie Peak Lookout where I snapped this photo at about 1 p.m. That’s Rainier, of course, over Eunice Lake.


(Camera phone) Pic of the Week: The Governors

I went hiking with some buddies over the weekend and finally found some Governors that, unlike Gregoire and Rossi, I could look at for more than 10 seconds without getting sick. As we climbed to the top of Mount Tamanos at about 7:30 p.m. we watch the moon rise over the Governors ridge on the north side of Mount Rainier. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so you’ll have to settle for this pic I snapped on my camera phone. So, sorry about the poor quality, but trust me, the view was insane.


Pic of the week: Candy Point Trail

This struck me as just about the oddest looking trailhead I’ve ever seen. Looks like a lawn to me. However, you’re allowed to walk across the lawn in downtown Coulee Dam to Candy Point Trail where you can then hike up through a small canyon to epic views of the damn from Crown Point Vista. Fun (but short) hike if you are ever in the neighborhood.

FYI, here’s the view at the other end of the trail:


Pic of the Week: Baker over Fort Worden

Here’s the latest installment in our newest blog feature: Photo of the week. I snapped this at Fort Worden State Park from the top of one of the old batteries near Alexander’s Castle. That’s the park’s famous lighthouse to the left and Mount Baker in the distance.