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Archives: Jan. 2008


Show recap

Thanks to everyone who stopped by The News Tribune’s booth at the Washington’s Sportsmen’s Show to say hi.

I appreciate all the comments and suggestion you made.

If you would like to offer some suggestions on specific stories you would like to see us do, or ways we can improve the Adventure section overall, please feel free to send me an e-mail at


See you at the Sportsmen’s Show

If you would like to talk about the Adventure section, have a story idea to share or just a good story to tell, stop by The News Tribune’s booth at the Sportsmen’s Show Saturday. I’ll be there from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to chat with folks.

I had a couple nice conversations when I was at the booth Thursday evening.

The TNT booth is on the second-floor of the Pavilion building. We’re along the back wall between the Ruffed Grouse Society and the Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation.

See you out there.


9 degrees and loving it

I got back last night from a few hours of night skiing with my dad at the Summit at Snoqualmie.

My toes got back sometime this morning.

Temperatures dropped to 9 degrees at about 7:45 p.m., about 15 minutes after I lost sensation in my feet.

I suffered for about another 90 minutes before I couldn’t take it any more. The skiing was too good to pass up. Parachute and Triple-60 were in great shape and other than a light burnt out above Alpine Bowl it was worth suffering through toe pain.

I usually don’t use

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Deep freeze at Camp Muir

I was thinking about how great it has been to see the mountain these last few days, especially on Monday when you could see the snow blowing off the mountain. Being a bit of a weather geek, I checked some weather data from Camp Muir this morning.

On Monday at 6 a.m., the temperature at the Camp Muir weather station was -6 degrees, with the average wind speed at 62 mph. That means the windchill was -42.1 degrees. When the winds hit a maximum of 84 mph, the windchill dropped to -45.8 degrees. The weather station is 10,100 feet

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Coming Thursday

Craig Hill has our lead story this week, writing about all the fun things you can do at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. From skiing to tubing to snowshoeing, this wintery haven has lots to offer.

In my column, I talk to my predecessor Bob Mottram about the book he just wrote. When he retired almost five years ago, Bob and his wife Karen hit the road for a year-long trip along the country’s back roads. His book blend Bob’s observations as they traveled from coast to coast and the memories stirred by his father’s death.


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Jan Klippert, coastal cleanup organizer dies

Jan Klippert, founder of the Olympic Coast Clean-up, died of cancer on Tuesday, his 73rd birthday.

Olympic Beach Cleanup organizer Jan Klippert, center, welcomes U of W student Fallon Schumsky to Griffith State Park near Ocean City as maggie Cho looks on during the 2004 cleanup. Klippert died on Tuesday.

I knew Klippert had been in failing health, but we had a great chat when we spoke last week about the creation of the Washington Clean Coast Alliance.
He admitted to have a sense of relief knowing someone would be taking over organization of the cleanup.
Jan began the cleanup in 2000, after he hiked the Olympic coastline. Since then 3,856 volunteers have removed an estimated 187 tons of debris, an average of 97 pounds per volunteer.
I remember interviewing Klippert for a story before the 2004 effort, and then meeting him on the beach the day of the cleanup. We sat on a huge log, soaking in the sunshine, talking about volunteerism and his drive to protect the coast.
A year later, Jan asked me to send him photos when I told him about our two children digging a tire out of the sand. Each year since then, the kids have asked to go and clean the beach. He said those are the kinds of stories that kept him going.
Our state is better because of Jan Klippert. I know he will be missed.

Here is a story I wrote about the 2004 cleanup:

By Jeffrey P. Mayor
The News Tribune

LA PUSH – Inspiration for the fifth Olympic Coast Cleanup was as varied as the volunteers who helped clear tons of trash and debris from beaches on the state’s northwest flank.

“This is a great day,” said organizer Jan Klippert as he stood on the beach at Ocean City under sunny skies on Saturday.

His comment was about more than the weather. He was talking as much about the volunteers who gave their time and energy to protect what he calls some of the state’s most unique resources.

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Skier dies in Warren Miller shoot

A reader e-mailed a few weeks ago to ask if a skier or snowboarder had ever died in the filming of a Warren Miller movie. Indeed, a skier had died in the early 1990s.

Sadly another skier died in a Warren Miller shoot Tuesday in Utah.

The story from the Associated Press is below:

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — An extreme skier died Tuesday from injuries he sustained after jumping off a cliff for a scene in a documentary film.

Billy Poole was flown by helicopter from the backcountry of Big Cottonwood Canyon to University of Utah Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1:30 p.m., hospital spokeswoman Vickie King said.

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